Last Week at Studio M

STUDENT PROJECT (March 5)  Eliie Krabill and Nomsa Ndongwe working on their project for CTEC reading copy portraying  a member of the ‘Red Army Faction’ (Baader-Meinhof gang) terrorist group in Germany in the 1970’s.

ZOOM WEBINAR (March 12)  Max Troyer (Associate Professor of Professional PracticeGSTILE-T&I) working with Devin Luddeke (lower right) on a Zoom webinar for MIIS Admissions. Here’s a link to the webinar posted on Panopto.

INFORMATIONAL (March 4)  Interviewing CTEC assistant Adele Arlette, along with Chuck Woodson in McGowan 210 in the CTEC (Center for Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism) offices. This is series on interviews about the CTEC program.

INFORMATIONAL (February 26)  Interviewing Celine Colvin, MIIS graduate on a visit to the campus for the MIIS job fair. Celine is with the State Department. Also on location at the Irvine Atrium is Eva Gudbergsdottir (MIIS Communications) and Laura Burian, Dean GSTILE.

ALUMNI EVENT (February 21)  On location recording Alumni event in Berkeley on February 21st for the MIIS Alumni office.

STUDENT OUTREACH (February 21)  Interview with Tyler Fellow and MIIS graduate Sarah Irene on her recent visit to the campus. Asking questions is Laura Burian, Dean, GSTILE.

ZOOM WEBINAR (February 20)  CTEC research fellows Kris McGuffie and Alex Newhouse in the studio for an Admissions Webinar How AI and Deep Fakes Will Amplify Terrorist Propaganda. Breanna Donofrio (lower right) is assiting as the Zoom Producer. Here’s a link to the posted webinar.

ONLINE COURSE SUPPORT (February 12)  Adam Wooten recording standups for his TRLM 8614 online course which begins Fall 2020.

ZOOM WEBINAR (February 6)  Devin Luddeke (MIIS Admissions) hosting a webinar entitled You Love Languages. So Now What? with Barry Olsen.

ZOOM WEBINAR (January 23)  Netta Avineri and Deniz Ortactepe hosting their webinar for MIIS Admissions Exploring Social Justice in Language Education.

STUDENT TUTORIAL (January 15)  Grace Davis (GSTILE ’21) helping out in front of white seamless for a photo inserted in our video Online Registration for New Students produced for Angie Quesenberry in GSTILE.

NEWS MEDIA OUTREACH (January 8)  Jeffrey Lewis (Director, East Asia Nonproliferation Project (EANP) CNS) in the studio for a network television interview.

PODCAST (December 12)  Sam Kim (Assistant Professor of Translation & Interpretation, Korean) and other members of the Korean Language faculty recording a podcast in the studio at McGowan 318.

STUDENT PROJECT (December 11)  Alina Kazakovtseva records herself using the greenscreen for her student project. She is also reading from a teleprompter loaded with copy she sent ahead of time.

STUDENT PROJECT (December 5)  Anne He and other members of her group record a podcast for their student project.

STUDENT PROJECT (November 25)  Md Shakil Ahmad works on his student project in front of the greenscreen with the teleprompter. I took this field footage, processed the extraenous items in the shot and turned it over to Shakil for final editing.

STUDENT PROJECT (November 22)  Yuting Liu with the Xinghua News Agency cohort stopping the studio as part of her class project.

ZOOM WEBINAR (November 20)  Julie Johnson (Professor GSTILE-T&I) in the studio for her webinar10 Ways to Prepare for a Program or Career in Translation or Interpretation’ in the studio. She’s able to see and advance her slides in the monitor in the foreground during the webinar.