Video Editing with Camtasia

Here’s a series of tutorials on video editing with Camtasia. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you at least watch Part 1 (managing your assets and files) and skip down to Part 7 (where I edit a short video from the start).

Part 1: Explains how to manage your video assets so they don’t get misplaced.

Part 2: Explores the Camtasia editing workspace.

Part 3: Outlines the two methods for recording your narration.

Part 4: Details recording just your narration without any video.

Part 5: Explains how to record your narration along with your slideshow at the same time.

Part 6: A preview of the video we’ll edit in Part 7

Part 7: A tutorial on how to edit and deliver a complete video using your narration and other visual assets like pictures, video and music.

Part 1: Managing Your Video Assets

Part 2: The Camtasia Workspace

Part 3: Two Ways to Record Your Narration

Part 4: Recording Just Your Narration

Part 5: Recording Your Narration and Slides at the Same Time

Part 6 (Preview) A sample video the we’ll edit in Part 7:

Part 7: Editing a Sample Video