The Economist Competition

The Economist magazine has an annual competition for college teams who are given a financial challenge to explore and submit a white paper solution, along with a video supporting their analysis of the challenge. The Institute’s team came to the DLC and asked for help with their video entry.

Laura, Mario and Courtney had about 4 days to go before the Friday morning deadline to upload a video, so I got them in front of a camera as soon as I could.  I loaded the script they wrote into the prompter, placed them in front of the green screen and off we went:

With just one or two takes, we were finished capturing their on-camera segments, so I took that footage and began editing.

Here’s a video clip of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ sequences running side-by-side which gives you an idea of how the chroma-key (green screen) technology works and what I did in post-production:

I created a color palette based on the official color of the ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Etherium’ logos using the Adobe Color Wheel (  This site will let you bring in an image and then generate different color palettes based on the source image:

This gets me a basic color palette to work with, which I loaded into Photoshop.  I then proceeded to create the background graphics in Photoshop to support what was being said on camera.

The ‘master’ background graphic is a shadowed image of Monterey Pines, which is an iconic image associated with the Institute’s home base.  Other graphic elements were created in Apple Keynote (animated pie chart) and Excel (graphs) and I gave them some treatment to help them match the overall color scheme of the piece.

I also ran the ‘standups’ through Lumetri color adjustments in Premiere to raise the video level a bit, but that was all of the color grading I needed. (Sony FS5-REC709 settings)

Here’s the finished product: